Automated Candidate Sourcing

Staffer lets technology take the guesswork out of sourcing. Staffer's automated sourcing technology maximizes your ROI and ensures the best candidates see your jobs -- with just the flip of a switch. 

Automated Sourcing

Automated Sourcing Technology Automates and Optimizes Sourcing

Syndicate - We share your job posting to the top job boards that best fit your geography, industry and job type. We set starting bids based on data from millions of past applications.

Train - Our algorithm continuously learns and adjusts - so that with each new customer, we become even more efficient and effective.

Monitor - We continuously monitor clicks from partner job boards and traffic to your job to ensure your post receives maximum views and engagement.

Adjust - Our algorithm continuously optimizes bids and budgets.

Repeat - We repeat this process on hundreds of job boards and thousands of jobs every day to ensure that each of your jobs gets the best possible results, every time.

Never post to a job board again

Our automated sourcing uses artificial intelligence technology to select the ideal combination of job boards for your budget to maximize qualified applications -- based on your job title, industry, geography, and many other relevant signals. We syndicate your job to them for you, so you don’t have to. 

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