How to Write a Great Job Posting

A great job post will lay out the roles and responsibilities of the position clearly, present enough information to inform but not overwhelm, and differentiate your company from competitors. 

If you’re not sure about what content to put in your posting, Google is a great place to start. Type the title of the job you are hiring for and “job description”. For example: “Server Job Description” will give you some basic content you can customize.

Recommended Job Post Structure

Job Title: Generic job title that includes what qualified people may be searching for.

Introduction: A quick intro sentence about what you are hiring for and why.

Job Duties / Responsibilities: A quick bulleted list of what the person will be doing in the job.

Requirements / Qualifications: A quick list of the experience you would like the candidate to have.

Compensation & Perks: List what advantages there are to working for you vs. someone else.

Closing / Call to action: A closing sentence to encourage people to apply.

Things to keep in mind while writing your job posting

What would your ideal applicant be searching for?

  • General job titles will make it easier for people to find your job.
  • Would your job posting appeal to an ideal candidate?

Formatting Matters!

  • All caps or excessive punctuation tends to discourage applicants from applying.
  • Using headings and bulleted lists for the content makes it easier for candidates to read and decide if they’d be a good fit.

People are more likely to apply when they know what they are getting into.

  • Details like compensation, benefits & perks, and responsibilities make a difference and increase quality and quantity of applicants you’ll receive.
  • Photos help applicants “see” who they’d be working for and can encourage people to apply.

One Job Title, one Job Posting

  • If you’re hiring for more than one job, it’s best to separate them out. 
  • Individual jobs per post helps organize applicants based on what they are interested in.
  • Multiple jobs in one posting tends to get less results, because job boards have difficulty categorizing the position and may not show it to the right people.
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