[ATS Review] Should I use Breezy?

by Staffer Team

What is Breezy?

The most highly rated ATS on Capterra. Breezy will simplify your entire hiring process by eliminating time-sucking, repetitive hiring tasks. Just sign-up and with a few clicks, you're advertising open jobs on the best job boards and attracting candidates. From there, Breezy helps you automate everything from identifying the top candidates, emailing (& texting), and scheduling interviews with them all the way through to sending them offers for signature. You'll love it.

Best For

Designed to reap the benefits of collaborative recruiting and hiring from end-to-end for teams of 10 to 10000, Breezy is loved by thousands for our modern, simple approach to applicant tracking.

Breezy Pricing Overview

Breezy pricing starts at $143.00 per month. Breezy offers a free trial.


  • "Great for collaborating with my team members, love the way I can organize into the pipelines. Helps with syndication of our job postings to get the most reach."
  • "It's a good, handy and user friendly software for talent hunting. The best feature I personally observed on mobile is where we can review and shortlist candidates instead of needing a computer or laptop."
  • "I tried, implemented, and used Breezy to hire. It helps hiring teams be more synchronized, helps the company look good to prospective candidates, and makes the process very seamless."
  • "Great tool and more so, a wonderful team to partner with. A lot of the time we encounter very attractive software but the road through implementation and customer care can be quite tricky."


  • "Automations can accidentally confuse candidates, not enough checks are in place."
  • "The video platform is too poor. I haven't been able to expand my screen or the interviewee's, which makes it uncomfortable."
  • "I accidentally deleted a position and had to begin again, which forced me to have it post to job sites all over again. Maybe a option that warns you before it happens."
  • "The category is really "move to first round pool" also what happens to all the info if a position is deleted, which happened and we lost everything."

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