Do I Need An ATS?

by Staffer Team

An ATS is a software that manages your company's recruitment process; it is a tool that gathers and organizes the candidate's information and provides recruiters with an initial screening of all incoming applicants. This allows the hiring manager to optimize their time and focus only on the profiles that best match the job requirements.

Despite an ATSs major benefits for recruitment, many companies still perform recruiting activities manually, which drives inefficiency towards the strategy.

When considering when is the right time to invest in an ATS, pay attention to: significant business growth, having an insufficient number of staff members on the recruiting team, facing difficulties in managing the recruiting workflow and having a high turnover rate.

5 Reasons why your company should invest in an ATS

  1. Save time
  • With an ATS, all your candidate data is automatically imported to your software platform
  • You won't need to manually input data into spreadsheets
  • With integrated-AI prescreening, you won't spend any extra time on completely unqualified applicants

2. Improve efficiency

  • You will now be able to easily manage and track incoming applicants
  • Search your talent pool for candidates by various filters such as location, skills or education
  • An ATS can standardize not only candidate's data, but also the recruitment process itself

3. Be more productive

  • The ATS may have features and functionalities that improve the recruiters productivity like job posting on multiple job boards and integrated email templates to facilitate communication with candidates
  • The system may also promote collaborative hiring through commenting features that allow recruiters to give their feedback to the team about the candidates

4. Improve quality of hire

  • You can automatically identify candidates that best match the job requirements and automatically screen out unqualified applicants
  • The ability to better scree and qualify candidates will positively impact your employee retention rate
  • Additionally, it will ultimately improve the quality of your hiring

5. Provide better candidate experience and boost your employer brand

  • The candidate experience is undeniably a vita part of the recruitment process
  • A more modern, organized and engaged process will not only add value to your company but also your applicants as well
  • You will strengthen your employer branding during the candidate journey through job posts, applicant forms, career pages and email communications

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