[ATS Review] Should I use Greenhouse?

by Staffer Team

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is the leading hiring software for growing companies. Thousands of the most successful companies like Allbirds, Betterment, ClassPass and DocuSign use Greenhouse to optimize all aspects of their hiring and onboarding. With our powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services and large partner ecosystem, your company will be ready to hire for what's next.

Best For

We help small, mid-sized and enterprise companies be great at hiring by giving them the right technology, know-how and support to hire great talent.


  • "I like the ability to see the progress of hiring across disciplines and teams. Greenhouse also outlines each step of an interviewee's journey which I find very helpful."
  • "I also like that it provides objective skills and capabilities for me to rate the candidate on. I feel that this helps me be more objective and consistent when assessing a group of candidates."
  • "Greenhouse is the best way to collaborate on group interviews. I love how you can submit your feedback directly after the interview for the rest of the team to see."
  • "What we liked most about Greenhouse is it was the most powerful ATS we utilized when searching for the right product for our organization."


  • "It can be a costly expense for small companies."
  • "You need to move off platform if you have been scheduled for an interview that you cannot actually accommodate. There is no way to "deny" or RSVP "no" within the platform itself."
  • "I haven't had any issues or complaints with Greenhouse thus far. All of the functionality I've needed has been available."
  • "Some of the canned checklists and score cards were lacking questions - no worries though, can import your own or add to the ones already provided."

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