[ATS Review] Should I use Lever?

by Staffer Team

What is Lever?

Lever is the only recruiting software the manages the entire talent relationship lifecycle in a single system. The platform provides everything a growing business needs to attract, source, nurture, and hire top talent at every stage. It enables the team to work collaboratively in one platform, and it seamlessly integrates with almost every other leading HR technology platform. More than 2,500 companies across the world are using Lever, including the teams at Netflix, Hot Topic and KPMG New Zealand.

Best For

Lever is flexible and built to scale, so it works for companies of any size and in any industry.


  • "I've only used it from the side of referring contacts to my talent acquisition team but it's been a quick process and it is really great to be able to see the status of those I've referred."
  • "Great features with great training and implementation support to get you up and going."
  • "It was probably the best and most comprehensive onboarding to a platform that I have ever received, especially since we're a relatively small account as a 30 person company."
  • "I had an amazing experience with Lever. We needed to implement the platform super fast and she was more than flexible and helpful."


  • "Entire threads of email conversations do not appear in Lever. They are missing so again we have to cut & paste entire conversations to place in the profile."
  • "Their customer support team is all online, I don't know if this changed recently. It was frustrating to only be able to get in touch via email with time sensitive problems."
  • "I you have a logo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter logo expect a blank entry. Customer Service told us we were doing it wrong."

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