[ATS Review] Should I use Workpop?

by Staffer Team

What is Workpop?

Workpop is the world's first Applicant Hiring System that doesn't just track applicants, but delivers the best candidate experience required to win in today's competitive talent market. While other hiring software focuses on tools that help you screen candidates, we know that top candidates are evaluating YOU on your application and hiring process. Through modern design and intuitive software that encourages candidate interaction, Workpop helps you attract and hire the best. 

Best For

We focus on businesses looking to make the hiring easier. If you're looking for a way to streamline your process and bring in high quality applicants, Workpop is the platform for you!


  • "I love the interface and how easy it is to sort and review candidates. I also like how you can see the relevant details including current contact information for each applicant."
  • "All of the tools that are available for the hiring process are perfect for a start up or a corporate structured company. I love that there was an app I could easily access anywhere, anytime."
  • "I was able to give an employer review for an employee who had recently worked for me and had moved to another state. This is an easy way to give a reference review and help an employee get a job."
  • "I'm glad you've added the Applicant Questionnaire feature which is very helpful."


  • "Sometimes there are glitches, but nothing that has prevented something from being completed on time; a simple refresh usually does the trick."
  • "The other issue we've noticed is that it is somewhat confusing having multiple hiring managers manage applications. Conversations thread and application updates are not always clear to everyone."
  • "Additionally, I still have trouble recruiting people from high income areas."
  • "Also, there is no standard formatting for the phone number and sometimes it is hard to read with all the numbers together."

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