Best Practices for Hiring Nonprofit Talent

by Staffer Team

Nonprofit recruiting poses unique challenges in order to attract and hire candidates. Often times, nonprofit organizations don’t have the financial resources that larger companies use to attract top talent. Additionally, the ideal candidate must not only have the skills and experience for the position but also believe in the organization’s mission and align with the culture. Leverage these best practices to optimize your organization's recruiting strategies and practices.

  1. Include Mission and Values in Job Description
  • Communicate the value in working for your organization
  • Grab the attention of candidates whose values resonate with your mission and values
  • Including your mission and values can set clear expectations and ensure a smoother hiring process

2. Use More Than One Recruiting Channel

  • This will expand the reach to potential candidates
  • Create a "Careers" page on your own website
  • Utilize job boards and career websites 
  • Experiment with different channels to see which are gaining the most traction with the ideal candidates and focus efforts there

3. Recruit Through Referrals

  • Referred candidates are often higher quality, a better fit, and stay longer than those from alternate sources
  • An effective referral program can encourage employees to explore their internal networks for candidates that are an ideal fit

4.  Take a Proactive Approach

  • Identify talent ahead of demand
  • Will help to build talent pools and foster relationships with candidates that could be a great fit
  • Although this requires more time during periods in which hiring may not be the primary focus, it will pay off with quality hire being made in less time when needed

5. Streamline the Process

  • Be quick in order to encourage candidates to complete the interview process
  • Ensure fast turn-around and response times
  • Cut out any unnecessary steps or interviews

6. Consider a Nonprofit Recruiting Firm

  • Recruiting firms proactively build pools of available talent and efficiently manage the interview and onboarding process
  • This reduces the burden on the hiring team as well as streamlines for agility and growth

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