Creating a Candidate-Centric Hiring Process

candidate centric

In 2014, Virgin Media discovered that it lost roughly $6.5 million in revenue due to not having a candidate-centric hiring process. 18% of the 125,000 people who applied to work at Virgin Media that year were also customers, and 33% of them, or around 7500 people, had such a poor experience that they switched to one of Virgin’s competitors (source).

Virgin Media learned the hard way what many companies are quickly beginning to realize: candidate-centric hiring not only produces intangible benefits such as higher-caliber hires, it also can have very tangible benefits such as reducing customer churn and increasing profit. Each aspect of a company’s image has a lasting effect on every operation within that company, and candidates should be given the same level of care as potential customers.

HireKeep’s e-book, “Creating a Candidate-Centric Hiring Process” outlines how you can create a candidate-centric hiring process for your company to avoid the revenue loss that occurs when candidates walk away from your company feeling rejected and discouraged. The e-book will also provides an actionable strategy to source high-quality, top-of-the-funnel candidates, the same way you source high-quality clients.

“Creating a Candidate-Centric Hiring Process” will teach you how to:

  • Define your employer brand and applying it in all aspects of the hiring process
  • Develop Ideal Candidate Personas and use them to find the candidates that best fit your company culture
  • Source high-quality candidates who aren’t actively searching for a job (because they’re already happily employed)
  • Write specific, high-converting job descriptions that only attract the candidates that match your Ideal Candidate Personas
  • Create a candidate experience that leaves candidates with a positive opinion of your brand (even if they didn’t get hired)
  • Effectively on-board new hires so they can hit the ground running


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