When Do You Need An ATS?

by Staffer Team

First, an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a core piece of software that streamlines the recruitment process by managing, storing, and keeping track of a company’s job candidates. It serves as a company’s system of record for hiring and centralizing all parts of the recruitment process including, but not limited to: managing job postings, communicating with candidates, storing resumes and notes, scheduling interviews, collecting interview feedback, and extending offers to candidates. In other words, it makes hiring easier and more efficient.

8 Signs that you're read for an ATS

  1. There's nowhere to store contact information once. you've uncovered a good candidate.
  2. On any given day, you have several applications open at once for hiring-related reasons.
  3. You constantly miss out on great candidates because you take too long to communicate and they accept another offer.
  4. Candidates have give you feedback that your application process is difficult to navigate.
  5. Hiring managers can't see candidates' progress through the interview process, and it's difficult to convince team members to immediately submit feedback.
  6. Once you decide not to move forward with a candidate, you feel like you'll never be able to find their profile later on
  7. You wish you didn't have to input your candidate's information from a spreadsheet into your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) once you hire them.
  8. You don't know how to improve your recruiting process, because there's no record of what has worked in the past.

Today, ATSs allow teams to attract, engage, and nurture candidates rather than simply store their information.

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