Fundraising: Best Nonprofit Tips & Advice

by Staffer Team

Fundraising is the process of asking for contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations. Nonprofits can fundraise through a variety of digital and traditional communication methods. Fundraising is crucial for nonprofits to complete their projects and fulfill their causes. 

Create a Specific Timeline

  • It’s important to set goals for all stages of the campaign and consider the common need for a mid-campaign boost

Go Mobile!

  • Do you have a mobile fundraising strategy? In 2016, 17% of online transactions were made using a mobile device. Consider using Google Analytics to track the traffic on your platform.

Address the Right Audience

  • Identify the characteristics and demographics that make some individuals more likely to contribute than others. Market and outreach to an accurate target market will improve the likelihood of donations.

Grab People’s Attention

  • Draw attention to your “Donate Now” feature! Let the audience know exactly how your donation will be used. Add strong imagery and a call to action. Give the option to make your donation a recurring gift. 

Brand Your Page

  • Include your organization’s name, logo and compelling imagery. A branded page builds trust, confidence and increases likelihood that a person visiting your donation form will complete their transaction. 

Add Compelling Imagery

  • We like to “see” what we buy. Keep things simple while doing a great job of helping people “see” the value and impact of their donation.
  • Stay away from grainy or unclear images
  • Include additional photos within your fundraiser story

Keep It Simple

  • Your donation form should be a simple page - one that makes completing the action of donating easy. These features can improve the simplicity of your page:
  • Revise top navigation
  • Remove the search box
  • Remove the left and right column
  • Remove promotions and focus specifically on donating 

Minimal Information

  • Limit your donation form to only the fields you need. Ask only for the info needed to complete the online transactions.

Use Giving Levels

  • Giving amounts lead to improved donation performance by increasing average gift size.

Encourage Monthly Donations

  • By getting a new donor to give monthly you are able to:
  • Grow long-term online fundraising performance
  • Increase monthly revenue predictability
  • Improve the odds that you’ll retain that donor over a longer period of time

Email Opt-In Option

  • Take advantage of this opportunity to build your email house file
  • Regular email communication provides an great way to interact with donors

Add Social Proof

  • Allows donors to share their contribution and spread the cause
  • Promote your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Consider a text-to-donate feature

Ensure Security

  • Add the logo of your BBB and SiteLock logo in the footer of your donation banner. This will build trust and confidence in potential donors

Be Transparent

  • Donors want to know how their money is being used and what impacts your organization is making. Consider putting your financials front and center. By making them easily accessible, supporters will feel confident in how their donation is being used.

Consider a Gift for Donors

  • A gift is a great way to show donors your appreciation while also providing a branded piece that will remind them of your nonprofit.
  • Showing gratitude to loyal donors also serves to demonstrate the need for their continued support

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