How to Find a Great Nonprofit Job

by Staffer Team

When applications don't solicit an immediate response, it can be frustrating and easy to assume they are swamped with better qualified candidates. Consider the following tips when entering the nonprofit world - it's easier than you would think!

  1. Volunteer
  • Nonprofits are they only businesses that regularly request help from people without experience!
  • Offering assistance can help get your foot in the door for a full-time position
  • Get your face and name known
  • Prove your interest and dedication by volunteering for organizations that you are passionate about and add it to your resume
  • Be open to contacting the nonprofit directly to see if there are any needs you can fill

2. Network!

  • The nonprofit world is small and extremely willing to help each other out
  • Local networking events to build your network of contacts in the industry is a great way to start
  • LinkedIn and Twitter are good platforms for new connections
  • Think of every new colleague as a potential connection
  • Informational interviews can give you inside perspective

3. Put yourself in their shoes

  • The person responsible for reviewing your application and interviewing you is most likely not on the HR staff - they probably have another job entirely
  • Present a clear and organized application
  • Delineate exactly why you want to work for the organization and mission
  • Present your resume and cover letter with strong volunteer experience and skills
  • They are probably working long hours, thankless efforts and opposition - be sure to thank your interviewer for their time and consideration

4. Focus on being well rounded 

  • Since nonprofits general have a smaller staff, it's probable that your role will require you to wear many hats
  • Gain experience with a variety of responsibilities
  • Develop your people skills and ability to engage, mobilize and inspire

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