How to Hire a Great Fundraiser/Development Director

by Staffer Team

Every day with an open fundraising position is a day that your nonprofit is losing out on cultivating donors and bringing in revenue.

What can you do to successfully recruit the very best director out there? It starts with taking ownership of the process and understanding that you have a deep stake in the outcome. Consider these 5 tips to build the strongest recruiting process:

Tip #1: Take An Honest Inventory 

  • This is an internal evaluation of your organization and open role
  • Helps to align your goals and intentions
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses
  • If you don't know what problems exist, you’ll never know what qualifications you need of a candidate
  • By aligning the candidate with the organization, you can ensure long term success

Tip #2: Consider Hiring a Recruiter

  • Although it will be expensive up front, you’re helping yourself in the long run
  • This should expedite the hiring process and save money
  • Recruiters will help figure out skills you need, screen candidates and facilitate scheduling interviews
  • You should ensure recruiter has experience in nonprofits

Tip #3: Present your Organization in a Good Light

Ways to do this:

  • Be on time to any appointments with candidates
  • Be friendly and personable
  • Make good use of interview time by asking appropriate and relevant questions 
  • Be prepared and give accurate timeframe for follow ups  and responses

Tip #4: Honesty is the Best Policy

  • Don't hide any problems that your organization has, the candidate will be discovering them soon and would feel blind sighted by any issues
  • Indicate if your organization plans to engage in new types of work

Tip #5: It’s Not All About the Money

  • Make sure the offering salary and benefits are competitive
  • If all a candidate cared about was the salary, they wouldn’t be looking in nonprofits

Are you looking for help with hiring a great fundraiser or development director for your nonprofit? Consider! Staffer markets, matches and screens candidates for your open nonprofit roles.

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