In-House vs Agency Recruiters

by Staffer Team

Before hiring a new employee, someone is needed to write job descriptions, source candidates, arrange interviews and prepare employment offers. To facilitate this process, the organization can hire an in-house recruiter to manage all the hiring responsibilities or it can outsource the efforts to a recruiting agency.

In-House Recruiters:

  • Objective is to find talented candidates who are the right fit for the job, team and company
  • Focused on the company’s long term plans
  • Strive to fill multiple positions while keeping employee turnover to a minimum
  • Tend to be more forthcoming with both hiring managers and candidates by trying to match people with the right backgrounds with the company’s needs
  • More meticulous; will want to meet with hiring manager to fully understand criteria of a good candidate
  • Collect candidates from multiple sources and screen before an interview
  • Focus on hiring for a variety of roles across different departments
  • Possess a deep knowledge of company values
  • Will have to pay a salary or hourly rate and provide benefits

Agency Recruiters: 

  • Main goal is to generate revenue for the agency
  • Focus on selling their services to both hiring companies and candidates
  • Will likely welcome your company as a client without reservation and promise they’ll present you with an array of talented professionals
  • Bring confidence to conversations with candidates by saying your role is an excellent opportunity that will elevate the person’s career.
  • Move at a fast pace so they can fill the roll, get paid and move on to the next position
  • May already have a database of candidates
  • Specialize in hiring for particular jobs
  • Understand exactly what skills are required and how to identify the best candidates
  • Can be especially beneficial when hiring for technical roles and difficult to fill positions
  • Almost always less costly
  • Will only be charged when hiring takes place

Takeaways – When to Hire an In-House Recruiter

  • Your company has a clear culture and wants to hire employees who fit in with the wider staff. 
  • Your company has long-term hiring plans and needs an internal recruiter to lead the effort.
  • Your company wants a recruiter who will work closely with hiring managers to identify the right candidates.
  • Your company has a definite need and budget for an in-house recruiter.

Takeaways – When to Hire an Agency Recruiter

  • You need to fill a position quickly and don’t have time to source, screen and interview multiple candidates. 
  • Your company is hiring for a technical or difficult-to-fill position and needs a recruiter with a deep understanding of the role.
  • Your company hasn’t yet defined its culture and is only concerned with skills and experience when hiring. 
  • You can’t afford or don’t need a full-time in-house recruiter.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. Some of the most successful companies combine both recruiting models. Their in-house recruiting teams occasionally collaborate with a dedicated recruitment agency. That way, they are able to make the most out of both worlds.

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