Nonprofit Hiring Tips

by Staffer Team

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, just under 60 percent of human resource professionals over the next decade see their largest challenge ahead to be in recruiting, retaining and training the next generation of organizational leadership. Getting ahead of the game, and improving your nonprofit recruiting process has never been more important. Here are 5 things you need to do to help make your hiring process a great success.

Find Passionate People

  • Network with candidates that connect with your organization’s values. The number one reason talented staff stays working in nonprofits is their absolute love for the cause and people. By creating an environment that shows appreciation for your staff as well as an impact on your cause, you are positioning your organization at the top of the candidate’s list.
  • Take away: Look through the candidate’s resume for indications of long term passion for your mission and the work itself. Don’t be afraid to ask where else they are interviewing!

Watch the Job Title

  • Never try to recruit a job that your salary range is not reflective of! This will not gain you better talent, it will only uncover talent that you cannot afford or talent that is not a match for your size. A higher title does not mean your job applicants will magically be up and coming candidates who are ready for the next step. This ultimately reflects negatively on your organization and in the end, you will miss out.
  • Take away: Only hire and advertise the title level you can afford. The more authenticity you communicate from the start, the more genuine you will appear.

Write a Compelling Job Description

  • Reconsider your approach during sourcing. Explain how amazing your team is, how inspiring it is to work in the role, how incredible the work is and how great the role is. Talk like you are excited to encourage reciprocation. 
  • Take away: Express your excitement about the candidate’s background and talk about how awesome the role of interest is!

Be a Proactive Recruiter

  • Spread the work and network! If you find yourself only emailing candidates open to new opportunities or following up with candidates that apply, you are limiting yourself. Use platforms like LinkedIn and Foundation List to help with networking. Recommendations and referrals from current employees are also a great way to get reputable applicants. Try to block time every day to build your network, over time it will grow!
  • Take away: Be strategic and always make sure the people you reach out to network with are the true dream candidate. Go after the same title, experience level and industry you are recruiting for.

Effectively Interview

  • Evaluate and educate potential candidates about the rewarding challenges for the role. An effective process should include:
  • Focus on attracting each interviewee
  • Effectively evaluate candidates’ skills, fit, long-term match, passion for the work and mission
  • Discuss the real tasks and responsibilities the role requires
  • Take away: Create a process that allows you to hire quickly to match the market and also gives you a look into how the candidates will work in the role. For example, if public speaking will be required, make sure to assess this skill during the interview. 

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