Should I Use A Recruiting Agency To Hire Sales Reps?

by Staffer Team

Hiring another salesperson can help double-down your efforts when you need to sell. Talented salespeople are essential for a company to achieve its growth initiatives; they are also hard to come by. The process is time consuming and can quickly become expensive. Consider partnering with a recruiting agency to facilitate this process. Here are 5 benefits of hiring sales reps through a sales recruiting firm.

  1. Market Knowledge
  • The recruiting firm will already have knowledge of the market
  • Recruiters can give sales managers insights as to what's happening in the industry, including current trends and best practices
  • They know where available talent is, how to reach out, what salary must be offered, what career expectations the top talent has and what available skillsets are currently in demand or shortage

2. Greater Reach

  • Often, the best sales reps that you want to have on your team don't have time to search for new opportunities and don't respond to job advertisements
  • Recruiters don't just post ads on job boards; they create, build and maintain relationships with the greatest sales people that are often difficult to reach
  • Leverage the recruiter's network to connect with sales reps that posses the skills and experience you need

3. Candidates, Not Applicants

  • Most in-house hiring teams focus on attracting applicants - the ones who respond to ads or apply through your website
  • When you focus on applicants, you waste a lot of time filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with people who may not be a good match to your open positions
  • With a recruiting firm, you'll only be considering candidates - job seekers who have been pre-selected and pre-screened to match all of your criteria
  • As a result, these candidates are worthy of immediate consideration and interview. This saves you time and money.

4. Employer Branding

  • Without an employer brand, you will have trouble hiring sales reps. People need to know why they should work at your company, what it's like to work there, what openings are available, what benefits and perks you offer and what your culture is like.
  • A sales recruiting firm can give potential candidates the insights they want and need about your business. They'll represent you as an employer of choice.

5. Budget and Resources

  • Learning new market knowledge takes time. Reaching out to top sales reps can be costly.
  • Partnering with a sales recruiting firm can allow your hard-pressed HR team to benefit from its tools, technologies, and resources at a price you can afford

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