[ATS Review] Should I use JazzHR?

by Staffer Team

What is JazzHR?

JazzHR is powerful, user-friendly and affordable ATS & recruiting software that over 5,000 growing businesses trust to find their next great hire. JazzHR replaces manual hiring processes like using email and spreadsheets with an intuitive ATS that helps recruiters & hiring managers build a scalable recruiting process that sources more qualified candidates, faster.

Best For

JazzHR is on a mission to make recruiting and hiring not only affordable, but easy, effective and scalable no matter what growth looks like to your small-to-mid sized business.

JazzHR Pricing Overview

JazzHR pricing starts at $49.00 per month.They do not have a free version.JazzHR offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.


  • "There is a companion application for mobile devices which allow for seamless communication from fellow workers to share their reflections and ideas on a potential hire."
  • "By using the automated responses we were able to improve our applicant's experience as well. That was important to us, but responding to all those emails was often overwhelming."
  • "The best part is that they're TRYING to innovate. They just came out with some new features and that's wonderful."
  • "Friendly service and effective organization (when used correctly)."


  • "Compared to other ATS in the same price rang and has a ton more (useless) features and is missing some key basic features. The reports features are very complicated and not very practical."
  • "We were having prior problems not getting enough applicants, time to hire was absurdly long (sometimes months) and both problems have been solved."
  • "Confusing when setting up automatic responses."
  • "It's also odd that you can't delete old interview templates - I end up naming them strange things starting with "XXX" so they sink to the bottom of the alphabetical list."

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